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Tuesday, July 14, 1863.+-

Washington, DC.

Shortly before cabinet meeting President learns that Gen. R. E. Lee has crossed into Virginia. Sec. Welles walks to War Dept. with Lincoln, who is depressed by Lee's escape. Two hours later Welles returns to War Dept. and finds Lincoln there lying on sofa, dejected and discouraged. Welles, Diary.

After noon Lincoln visits Navy Yard and witnesses firing of 20 Absterdam shells from army field gun. Bruce, Tools of War, 259.

President recognizes Carlos Enrique Leland as vice consul of Oriental Republic of Uruguay at New York. Washington Chronicle, 16 July 1863.

Telegraphs Robert Lincoln in New York: "Why do I hear no more of you?" Abraham Lincoln to Robert T. Lincoln, 14 July 1863, CW, 6:327.

Writes Gen. Meade: "I have just seen your despatch to Gen. Halleck, asking to be relieved of your command, because of a supposed censure of mine. . . . But I was in such deep distress myself that I could not restrain some expression of it. . . . I do not believe you appreciate the magnitude of the misfortune involved in Lee's escape. He was within your easy grasp, and to have closed upon him would, in connection with our other late successes, have ended the war. . . . Your golden opportunity is gone, and I am distressed immeasurably because of it." [The letter was never signed or sent.] Abraham Lincoln to George G. Meade, 14 July 1863, CW, 6:327-29.