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Thursday, May 28, 1863.+-

Washington, DC.

Sen. McDougall (Calif.) calls and asks that Maj. Kip may be made brigadier general. Memorandum: Appointment of Lawrence Kip, 28 May 1863, CW, 6:236.

President confers again with J. R. Gilmore and declines to give official countenance to Col. Jaquess' project to try to arrange a peace. James R. Gilmore, Personal Recollections of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War (Boston: Page, 1898), 155-56.

Authorizes Gen. Rosecrans to give Jacquess furlough to go into Confederate territory to seek out members of Methodist Church and others opposed to war and to arrange terms for their return to allegiance which would be acceptable to government. Abraham Lincoln to William S. Rosecrans, 28 May 1863, CW, 6:236.