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Wednesday, May 27, 1863.+-

Washington, DC.

President Lincoln writes to General John M. Schofield, whom he named commander of the Department of the Missouri, replacing General Samuel R. Curtis. Lincoln cites Missouri's "factional quarrel" that pits Curtis against Missouri Governor Hamilton R. Gamble. Lincoln explains, "After months of labor to reconcile the difficulty, it seemed to grow worse and worse until I felt it my duty to break it up some how; and as I could not remove Gov. Gamble, I had to remove Gen. Curtis." Lincoln advises, "[E]xercise your own judgment, and do right for the public interest. Let your military measures be strong enough to repel the invader and keep the peace, and not so strong as to unnecessarily harrass and persecute the people. It is a difficult role, and so much greater will be the honor if you perform it well." Abraham Lincoln to John M. Schofield, 27 May 1863, CW, 6:234.

Recognizes Christian Bars as consul of Netherlands for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Washington Star, 29 May 1863.

Telegraphs Gen. Hooker: "Have you Richmond papers of this morning? If so, what news?" Asks Gen. Rosecrans: "Have you anything from Grant? Where is [Gen. Nathan B.] Forrest's [(CSA)] Head Quarters?" Abraham Lincoln to Joseph Hooker, 27 May 1863, CW, 6:233; Abraham Lincoln to William S. Rosecrans, 27 May 1863, CW, 6:233.