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Saturday, December 6, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

Lincoln writes to General Henry H. Sibley, who heads a military commission that sentenced 303 Dakota Indians to death for killing military personnel and civilians in Minnesota. After evaluating the testimony, Lincoln recommended that only thirty-nine of the accused merited execution. On this day, Lincoln issues an order listing the names of the thirty-nine "Indians and Half-breeds . . . to be executed on Friday, the nineteenth day of December." Annual Message to Congress, 1 December 1862, CW, 5:518-537; Abraham Lincoln to Joseph Holt, 1 December 1862, CW, 5:537-538; Abraham Lincoln to Henry H. Sibley, 6 December 1862, CW, 5:542-43.

Sen. John B. Henderson (Mo.) and Cong. Thomas L. Price (Mo.) interview President on behalf of Rufus K. Sanders. Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, 6 December 1862, CW, 5:543.