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Friday, July 25, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

President at War Dept. in morning discusses opening of Mississippi River with Sec. Stanton. Sec. Chase drops in during meeting. Stanton recommends sending Gen. Ormsby M. Mitchel to clear the river. Warden, Chase, 441.

President proclaims "An act to suppress insurrection . . .," approved July 17, 1862. National Intelligencer, 26 July 1862; Proclamation of the Act to Suppres Insurrection, 25 July 1862, CW, 5:341-42.

President Lincoln addresses the approximately twenty-five people who line up outside of his office. Lincoln advises, "You all want to see me on business; it is a matter of no importance to me whether I spend my time with half a dozen or with the whole of you, but it is of importance to you. Therefore, when you come in, please don't stay long." Evening Star (Washington, DC), 25 July 1862, 2:1.

President Lincoln orders the "Executive Mansion and the several Executive Departments, excepting those of War and the Navy, be immediately placed in mourning, and all business be suspended during to morrow." Lincoln issues the order as "a mark of respect for" former President Martin Van Buren, who died on July 24, at Kinderhook, New York. Order for Observance of Death of Martin Van Buren, 25 July 1862, CW, 5:340-41; Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC), 26 July 1862, 3:3.

Discusses with Mitchel plans for opening Mississippi. Warden, Chase, 441.

In evening at Soldiers' Home has conversation with Sen. Browning (Ill.) on public affairs. Browning, Diary.