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Tuesday, May 27, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

President notifies Gov. Curtin (Pa.) that only troops who volunteer for three years or for duration will be accepted. Philadelphia News, 28 May 1862.

Telegraphs Gen. Fremont: "I see you are at Moorefield. You were expressly ordered to march to Harrisonburg. What does this mean?" Abraham Lincoln to John C. Fremont, 27 May 1862, CW, 5:243.

"Library of the Executive Mansion" orders books from W. F. Richstein: "1 East Lynne $0.50, 1 Castle Wafer $0.50, 1 Earl Herr $0.50, 1 Chemmings $0.50, 1 Heir to Ashley $0.50, 1 Life Secret $0.50." Pratt, Personal Finances, 180.

[It is not possible to specify editions, but titles of these novels by Mrs. Ellen Price Wood are: East Lynne; Castle Wafer, or the Plain Gold Ring; The Earl's Heirs, A Tale of Domestic Life; The Channings. A Domestic Novel of Real Life; The Heir to Ashley; A Life's Secret. A Story of Woman's Revenge.]