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Wednesday, May 21, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

President at War Dept. by 7 A.M.; Sec. Stanton and Gen. Halleck join him there. Later he visits Gen. Burnside at Willard's Hotel. LL, No. 1281.

Congressional delegation presents petition asking that Gen. C. S. Hamilton be restored to command. Abraham Lincoln to George B. McClellan, 21 May 1862, CW, 5:227.

Lt. Col. Hicks at White House regarding appointment as aide-de-camp to Gen. Wool. Memorandum: Appointment of George Montagu Hicks, 22 May 1862, CW, 5:229.

President communicates with Senate regarding arrests by military commander in Kentucky of persons suspected of secessionist sympathies. Abraham Lincoln to the Senate, 21 May 1862, CW, 5:227.

Informs James Gordon Bennett that secretary of war "mixes no politics whatever with his duties." Abraham Lincoln to James G. Bennett, 21 May 1862, CW, 5:225-26.

Approves act providing for education of colored children in cities of Washington and Georgetown, DC, and for other purposes. Stat. L., XII, 407.

"Library of the Executive Mansion" orders from W. F. Richstein: "1 set Stricklands England $21.00, 1 set Stricklands Scotland $20.00, 1 Mrs. Brownings Poems $9.00, 1 Mrs. Sigourneys Poems $1.25, 1 Mrs. Osgood Poems $0.90." [Agnes Strickland, Lives of the Queens of England . . ., Philadelphia, 1847-1859; Lives of the Queens of Scotland, New York, 1851-59; Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Poems; Mrs. Lydia Howard Sigourney, Illustrated Poems, Philadelphia, 1860; Mrs. Frances Sargent Osgood, Poems, New York, 1846. The third and fourth items paid for by the President, the remaining ones by Commissioner French from annual appropriation. Pratt, Personal Finances, 180.]

John Douglas, clerk, Reformed Presbyterian Church, calls on President and presents document concerning emancipation. Douglas to Lincoln, 14 October 1862, Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Library of Congress lends "Sparrowgrass Papers" to White House. [Frederick Swartout Cozzens, The Sparrowgrass Papers; or, Living in the Country, New York, 1856.] Borrowers' Ledger 1861-63, 114, Archives of the Library of Congress, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

President confirms Gen. McClellan's understanding that in event of junction with Gen. McDowell, McClellan is in command, except that no order can put McDowell out of position to cover Washington. Abraham Lincoln to George B. McClellan, 21 May 1862, CW, 5:226-27.

Calls attention of Sen. James F. Simmons (R.I.) to distressed girl from "your state" who seeks employment. "See if you can not get Mr. Sec. Chase or friend [Isaac] Newton to find her a place." Abraham Lincoln to James F. Simmons, 21 May 1862, CW, 5:228.

Writes Sen. Sumner (Mass.) regarding soldier subject to a lethargy arrested for falling asleep: "I should not knowingly let him be punished, if shown he has the infirmity." Abraham Lincoln to Charles Sumner, 21 May 1862, CW, 5:228.