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Saturday, May 17, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

President recognizes Christian Friedrich Mebius as consul at San Francisco of Free Hanse City of Lübeck. National Intelligencer, 21 May 1862.

Reviews with Sec. Stanton military situation in regard to Gen. McClellan's request for reinforcements. Gen. McDowell is to move toward Richmond and at same time keep approaches to Washington covered. Committee on Conduct of War, Report (1863), 1:273.

Orders McDowell to retain separate command, obey orders of McClellan while co-operating with him, and use own judgment in placing troops for greatest protection of capital. Abraham Lincoln to Irvin McDowell, [17 May 1862], CW, 5:219-20.

Writes Mary Motley, daughter of John L. Motley: "A friend of yours (a young gentleman of course) tells me you do me the honor of requesting my autograph. I could scarcely refuse any young lady—certainly not the daughter of your distinguished father." Abraham Lincoln to Mary Motley, 17 May 1862, CW, 5:220-21.