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Monday, April 7, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

President signs treaty with Great Britain for suppression of African slave trade. [See June 10, 1862.] Abraham Lincoln to the Senate and House of Representatives, 10 June 1862, CW, 5:265.

Borrows "Plutarch's Lives" from Library of Congress. [Plutarch's Lives, rev. by A. H. Clough, Boston, 1859.] Borrowers' Ledger 1861-63, 114, Archives of the Library of Congress, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

Mrs. Lincoln's half-brother, Samuel B. Todd, is mortally wounded during second day's fighting at Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. (Battle of Shiloh). N.Y. Tribune, 30 April 1862.

Lincoln endorses recommendation of Uri Manly of Marshall, Ill.: "I personally know Mr. Manly to be a good man. . . . His application has been before the Department half a year, and he should be appointed a Quarter-Master, so soon as it can consistently be done." Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, 7 [8?] April 1862, CW, 5:183.

President and his family are completely recovered from illnesses, and vegetables are appearing in the gardens of the Executive Mansion. National Republican (Washington, DC), 7 April 1862, 3:1.