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Tuesday, March 4, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

President and Gen. Hunter appear before Committee on Conduct of War regarding Kansas affairs. Philadelphia News, 5 March 1862.

Receives Federico L. Barreda, new minister from Peru. National Intelligencer, 4 March 1862.

Asst. Sec. Fox notifies President that USS Monitor is on way to Hampton Roads. Bruce, Tools of War, 172.

In evening Sen. Browning (Ill.) accompanies wife and daughter of Col. John Symington of Pittsburgh to see President. Browning, Diary.

Lincoln writes endorsement: "Edward Burke, the bearer of this, was at service in this Mansion for several months now last past; and during all the time he appeared to me to be a competent, faithful, and very genteel man." Abraham Lincoln to Whom It May Concern, 4 March 1862, CW, 5:143-44.

Senate confirms appointment of Sen. Andrew Johnson (Tenn.) as military governor of Tennessee. Senate Executive Journal.