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Monday, February 3, 1862.+-

Washington, DC.

President Lincoln replies to the King of Siam for gifts including "a sword" and "two elephant tusks." Lincoln accepts the items for the "American People," and not for his "personal" use. Lincoln declines the King's offer of some elephants, explaining, "Our political jurisdiction...does not reach a latitude so low as to favor the multiplication of the elephant, and steam on land, as well as on water, has been our best and most efficient agent of transportation in internal commerce." Abraham Lincoln to the King of Siam, 3 February 1862, CW, 5:125-26.

Lincoln writes to Major General George B. McClellan regarding their "distinct, and different plans for a movement of the Army of the Potomac." Lincoln queries, "Does not your plan involve a greatly larger expenditure of time, and money than mine? . . . Wherein is a victory morecertain by your plan than mine? . . . In case of disaster, would not a safe retreat be more difficult by your plan than by mine?" Lincoln pledges, "If you will give me satisfactory answers . . . I shall gladly yield my plan to yours." Abraham Lincoln to George B. McClellan, 3 February 1862, CW, 5:118-25.

Gov. Morton (Ind.) calls on President and asks to withdraw his recommendation of Col. George W. Hazzard for brigadier general. Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, 3 February 1862, CW, 5:126.