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Monday, December 24, 1860.+-

Springfield, IL.

Two notables arrive in Springfield, Lincoln's old friend E. D. Baker and David Wilmot of Pennsylvania. Lincoln calls on Wilmot at his hotel and spends most of day. N.Y. Tribune, 25 December 1860.

Lincoln writes to Trumbull. Lincoln has heard that South Carolina forts are to be surrendered. If true, he intends to announce publicly that they are to be retaken, to give Union men "a rallying cry." He thanks Isaac N. Morris, Quincy, for introducing Union resolution in Congress, and asks Hamlin to find New Englander of Democratic antecedents for cabinet. "Or shall I decide for myself?" Abraham Lincoln to Lyman Trumbull, 24 December 1860, CW, 4:162; Abraham Lincoln to Isaac N. Morris, 24 December 1860, CW, 4:161; Abraham Lincoln to Hannibal Hamlin, 24 December 1860, CW, 4:161.

Lincoln buys yard goods for his wife, and 11 handkerchiefs for Christmas presents. Pratt, Personal Finances, 150.