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Wednesday, December 5, 1860.+-

Springfield, IL.

The Illinois Electoral College delegates meet in the capitol and "cast their vote for Lincoln and [Hannibal] Hamlin." A newspaper reports, "A large number of spectators were present to witness the proceedings, which were conducted without any special formality." In the afternoon, Lincoln and members of the Electoral College attend a "grand dinner" that James C. Conkling hosts. New York Herald, 6 December 1860, 5:2, 5:4-5.

He reads synopsis of Buchanan's message, and is irritated at what he considers President's desire to place responsibility for secession crisis on free states. N.Y. Herald, 10 December 1860.

Mrs. Lincoln buys and charges "3 yds. Cashmere @ 1.40." Pratt, Personal Finances, 150.