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Wednesday, September 10, 1856.+-

Bloomington, IL.

Lincoln writes the affidavit of Eli K. Crothers, whom Lincoln is defending in the McLean County Circuit Court case of Fleming v. Rogers & Crothers. Plaintiff Samuel Fleming is suing Crothers and Thomas P. Rogers for malpractice. Fleming suffered two broken legs during a fire in Bloomington. Doctors Crothers and Rogers saved the legs, but the right leg healed crooked and shorter than the left leg. Fleming charged that the doctors failed "to use due and proper care, skill and diligence . . . to cure . . . [Fleming's] malady and illness." Declaration, filed 27 August 1856, Fleming v. Rogers & Crothers; Affidavit of Eli K. Crothers, 10 September 1856, Fleming v. Rogers & Crothers, both in Lincoln Collection, Lincoln Memorial University, Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, Harrogate, TN.