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Wednesday, July 23, 1856.+-

Galena, IL.

Lincoln addresses evening political meeting, speaking from balcony of DeSoto House. "His speech was almost wholly argumentative," said North-Western Gazette (July 25, 1856). "In a clear, connected and masterly manner he traced the history of slavery aggression . . . and pointed out, like a true statesman, the consequence of permitting the curse to spread itself over our immense territories." During day Lincoln writes editorial replying to one he read yesterday in Galena's Democratic paper which alleges that unnaturalized foreigners cannot legally vote in presidential elections. "This is a grave error," he answers. Lincoln hands his sheet to H. H. Houghton, editor of Galena Weekly North-Western Gazette, who prints it anonymously July 29, 1856. Speech at Galena, Illinois, 23 July 1856, CW, 2:353-55; Editorial on the Right of Foreigners to Vote, 23 July 1856, CW, 2:355-56.