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Tuesday, June 10, 1856.+-

Springfield, IL.

Court convenes, and Lincoln & Herndon appear in many cases. Record.

In the evening, at Springfield's courthouse, Lincoln delivers a speech concerning slavery and states entering the Union. A Democratic paper noted, "The gist of his remarks were intended to show that the democratic party favors the extension of slavery, [and] that black republicanism aims to prevent it . . . He convinced nobody of his own sincerity, [nor] of the justness of his cause." The Republican paper editorialized, "Lincoln . . . pronounced the most logical and finished argument against the evils to be apprehended from the continued aggressions of the slave power, that it has ever been our good fortune to listen to." Daily Illinois State Register (Springfield), 12 June 1856, 2:1-2; Daily Illinois State Journal (Springfield), 11 June 1856, 2:2; Speech at Springfield, Illinois, 10 June 1856, CW, 2:344-45.