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Friday, February 22, 1856.+-

Decatur, IL.

Illinois Anti-Nebraska editors gather in meeting which marks beginning of Republican party in Illinois. After meeting, 30 or 40 attend dinner. Among them is Lincoln, "who seems to be ready," Democratic Register comments (February 25, 1856) "at the tap of the fusion drum, on all occasions. He was toasted in connection with the fusion candidacy for governor, to which he modestly responded." Richard Oglesby of Decatur toasts Lincoln as "our next candidate for the U.S. Senate." Lincoln, replying, said he was in favor of that, adding that he was in much the position of a man attacked by a robber who demanded his money. "I have no money," said the victim; "but if you will go with me to the light, I will give you my note." If Lincoln were let off from making speech, he would give his note. Lincoln is not let off. Speech at Decatur, Illinois, 22 February 1856, CW, 2:333.