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Thursday, February 17, 1848.+-

Washington, DC.

Loan bill passes 192-14, Lincoln voting for it.Journal.

Lincoln writes to fellow Whig Congressman Thomas S. Flournoy, of Virginia, "In answer to your enquiries." Lincoln explains, "I am in favor of Gen: [Zachary] Taylor as the whig candidate for the Presidency because I am satisfied we can elect him, that he would give us a whig administration, and that we can not elect any other whig." As for Illinois, Lincoln predicts that a Taylor candidacy "would certainly give us one additional member of Congress...and probably would give us the electoral vote of the state . . . but the majority against us there, is so great, that I can no more than express my belief that we can carry the state." He writes William H. Young of Mount Pulaski, Mexican War veteran, that he will attend to Young's bounty land claim. "Hurra for Gen: Taylor." Abraham Lincoln to Thomas S. Flournoy, 17 February 1848, CW, 1:452-53.