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Wednesday, February 2, 1848.+-

Washington, DC.

Representative Lincoln writes to William H. Herndon, his law partner in Springfield, Illinois, soon after listening to Congressman Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia, deliver a speech in the U.S. House. Lincoln calls it "the very best speech, of an hour's length, I ever heard." He adds, "My old, withered, dry eyes, are full of tears yet." Stephens opposed further funding for the war with Mexico, and he claimed that President James K. Polk's "lawless abuse of power" led to America's involvement in the conflict. Abraham Lincoln to William H. Herndon, 2 February 1848, CW, 1:448.

Lincoln's bank account, at his order, is debited $14.52 for taxes.Irwin Ledger.

[Treaty of peace is signed at Guadalupe Hidalgo.]