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Sunday, August 1, 1847-Friday, August 6, 1847.+-

Sunday, August 1, 1847-Friday, August 6, 1847.

Lincoln invites some of the delegates attending Illinois's state constitutional convention to his home. David Davis, a convention delegate from Bloomington, is one of approximately twenty guests. In a letter to his wife, Davis recalled the affair: "Mr. Lincoln invited about 20 gentlemen of the Convention to his house last week. No ladies present--not even Mrs. Lincoln...The Bill of fare the same as is usual in this town. Mrs. L. I am told accompanies her husband to Washington City next winter. She wishes to loom largely. You cant make a gentleman in his outward appearance, out of Lincoln to save your life." David Davis to Sarah W. Davis, 8 August 1847, David Davis Family Papers, folder B-2, IHi, Springfield, IL.